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Authors are requested to submit a one page digest (indicated as paper from now on) to CEFC 2020, outlining the relevance and the originality of their works. Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present their research work at the Conference by oral or poster presentations.

The paper should be submitted as PDF file and should follow exactly the format outlined in the template files (Microsoft Word or Latex). Please check if your PDF file appears correctly in a PDF reader. This is particularly important when using nonstandard fonts that are sometimes not embedded in the PDF file.

When preparing your paper, please pay attention to the following issues:

  • The main focus of papers submitted to CEFC 2020 should be on the electromagnetic fields computation, either from theoretical point of view, as the main focus of a new method or as a tool to demonstrate effectiveness of innovative electromagnetic devices.
  • The Abstract must clearly state the originality of the work and the whole paper should clearly explain the proposed method/application.
  • The keywords of your paper should preferably be chosen from the IEEE keyword list.
  • The topic number should be correctly indicated where needed.
  • The paper should be written using a proper English language.

Please note also that a full registration or student registration includes allowance to register 1 paper. With a full-registration, a maximum of 2 extra papers can be registered with additional fees.

Link to word template

Link to Latex template

Link to detailed instructions