Call for Papers

Call for papers

Topics List:

Papers are solicited in the following topics.
1.  Static and Quasi-static Fields:
a) Electrostatics, b) Magnetostatics, c) Eddy Currents, d) Numerical Methods, e) Others.
2.  Wave Propagation: 
a) Scattering, b) Radiation, c) Time and Frequency Domain, d) Microwaves, e) Antennas, f) Numerical Methods, g) Radiative Transfer, h) Electromagnetic Compatibility, i) Others.
3.  Material Modeling: 
a) Superconducting Materials, b) Composite Materials, c) Hysteresis and Anisotropy, d) Permanent Magnets, e) Magnetostrictive or Piezoelectric Materials, f) Microwave Absorbing Materials, g) Others.
4.  Coupled Problems: (Electromagnetic Field Problems Coupled to …):
a) Mechanical Problems, b) Electric Circuits, c) Thermal Problems, d) Others.
5.  Numerical Techniques: 
a) Mesh Generation and Adaptive Meshing, b) Solving Linear Systems, c) Preconditioning, d) Eigenvalue Problems, e) Nonlinear Problems, f) Near Field Modeling, g) Parallel and Distributed Computing, h) GPU, Matrix Compression Technique, i) Model Order Reduction, j) Multiscale Modeling, k) Others.
6.  Optimization and Design: 
a) Robust Optimization Under Uncertainty, b) Stochastic and Hybrid Techniques, c) Multi-Objective and Multi-Level Optimization, d) Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, e) Inverse Problems, f) Others.
7.  Software Methodology: 
a) Software Design, b) Software Engineering and Software Quality, c) Computer Graphics and Data Representation, d) Human-Machine Interface, e) Others.
8.  Nanomagnetics: 
a) Spintronics, b) MEMS/NEMS, c) Nanomagnetics Modeling, d) Others.
9.  Nanophotonics: 
a) Adaptive Optics, b) Optical Detectors, c) Electro-Optics, d) Others.
10.  Bioelectromagnetic Fields Computation: 
a) Numerical Approximation, b) Large Scale Computing, c) Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization (Human Body), d) Integrated Software Environments, e) Others.
11.  Devices and Applications: 
a) Electric Machines and Drives, b) Nondestructive Testing, c) Induction Heating, e) Power Electronics Devices, f) Wave Guides, g) Microwaves Resonators, h) Microsystems, i) Biomedical Applications, j) Charged Particles Trajectories, k) Accelerators, l) Electromagnetic Launchers, m) Fusion Machines, n) Electromagnetic Compatibility, o)Others.
12.  Education.