CEFC 2020 New dates guidelines: UPDATED

The CEFC 2020 organizing committee recently decided to postpone the conference dates, due to the CoViD-2019 outbreak. The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority. Although the original program cannot be considered valid any more, we are trying at our best to keep CEFC 2020 schedule in November as similar as possible to the original schedule in April. As a consequence:

  • The new registration deadline is September 20st (this is the final mandatory deadline and it will not be extended).
  • All registrations already completed are valid for the new dates.
  • Any paper accepted for oral presentation will keep its status.
  • Poster sessions will keep their overall layout.
  • We are happy to announce that plenary speakers already confirmed their availability.
  • Rejected papers cannot be resubmitted.
  • Permissions to remote presentations to November dates: see below for details.
  • The deadline for the extended paper submission will be, as usual, coincident with the last conference day.

On the other hand, we are aware that moving conference to November represents a major rescheduling in the programs of each. We are striving to let this change be as smooth as possible, and we guarantee the highest level of cooperation in helping you reorganize your personal schedule.

  • We will grant authors of papers accepted with minor revisions, who did not upload the revised final version and were consequently excluded from the program, the possibility to reconsider their choice, and send us final digest version within the deadline of June 15th. Final versions must be sent to Editorial@cefc2020.org. DO NOT submit through ConfTool system. Editorial Board will review the updated digest, and let authors know about final acceptance by July 30th;
  • Authors of withdrawn contributions will be allowed to reconsider their decision, and let the paper be included again in the conference program. The decision must be communicated to Editorial Board at Editorial@cefc2020.org by June 15th.
  • Submission of brand new digests will be re-opened in the time slot between April 1st and June 15th, to let potential attendees, whose schedule was not compatible with original dates, to participate in the conference in the new dates. Should you or some colleague of yours be interested, the way to submit is via a direct email to editorial@cefc2020.org, with submission details and the pdf for the digest;

Concerning the possibility of remote presentation, we are strongly convinced that the real opportunity in attending a conference is to meet people, and share our research with valuable colleagues, in a way that only personal contact allows. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that in November 2020 travel restrictions due to CoViD-19 may still apply, so we offer, to authors having trouble in personal attendance, the following possibility:

  • Oral presentations: it will be possible to present remotely using conferencing software (skype, zoom, or any other, pending approval by CEFC technical staff). It will also be possible to ask a colleague, not included in the paper authors’ list, to present the paper on behalf of the authors. Remote oral presentations must be approved by Editorial Board, must be associated with a full registration, and entitles for the submission of the corresponding full paper for second stage reviewing process.
  • Posters: it will possible to ask a colleague to display the poster on behalf of you. The presenting person (not necessarily a co-author) should be able to describe the topic of the poster. Alternatively, it will be possible to help the presenting person by sending a short three-minutes video with poster description to the Editorial Board (and, of course, to the presenting person). The accompanying video will be uploaded on the conference website, but it is the responsibility of the authors to make the video also available during the session, e.g. on a notebook or on a tablet. Remote poster presentations must be approved by Editorial Board, must be associated with a full registration, and entitles for the submission of the corresponding full paper for second stage reviewing process.

Oral or posters presentations following the above guidelines will entitle the author to submit the extended version for a possible publication on IEEE Transactions on Magnetics following the usual peer review process.

For further details, please contact skip_covid@cefc2020.org, and keep using the dedicated email addresses in the “contact us” menu of the website for other requests.