Last minute changes

Paper #619, “A DGTD Method Using Nonconforming Curved Elements to Solve Electromagnetic Scattering by Rounded Boundaries: moved from  MM_O3 to WP_4

Paper #487, “Design and Optimization of a PM-Assisted Biased Flux Machine Based on Saturation Assuaging“: moved from WM_O1 to WP_3

Paper #741, “Modeling and Simulation of Electrical Conductivity Changes of Blood in Case of Disturbed Aortic Flow“: originally scheduled in WA_O2, will not be presented

Paper #960, “50Hz Electromagnetic Field Exposure for Long Term Impair the Cognitive Ability of ratadded to session WP_5

Paper #618, “Numerical Analysis Method of Ion Drift in AC Corona Discharge” originally scheduled in TM_O2, will be substituted by paper #534, “Analysis of a Motor Integrated Magnetically Levitated Lead Screw


Tuesday November 17th, 4:00 PM, Galileo Galilei room: Ennio Morricone’s Music original video, created and played for CEFC 2020 by the ensemble Penta Grammi.