If you need a Visa to enter Italy, the organization will be pleased to send you an official invitation letter for your Visa application.

You are kindly asked to send an email to containing the following information

  • – First name (as shown in passport)
  • – Last name (as shown in passport)
  • – Country of citizenship
  • – Affiliation
  • – Paper number (not mandatory)

This invitation letter is the only document we can produce to help you to obtain the Visa; the organisation does not commit itself to provide any kind of financial support.

Please note that the organisation will not contact directly consulates or embassies, and the participant is the only responsible for the Visa application.

In addition, if the organisation (in the person of the General Chairman or any one else of the organising committee) is contacted by the concerned consulates or embassies, the only information that can be provided are relative to the paper acceptance and to the registration fee.